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Over the years, we accepted the assistance from the predecessors to solve the difficulties and make progress to go forward. The Company has been growing due to the capable employees' arduous efforts. And I am grateful for those who quitted because of their personal developments as well. Best wishes for your career.
Our glorious future is based on your contribution!!
Steel Lin


Worked with TamKang Farm and upgraded the traditional swimming pool to an extracurricular site.
Established SheYongYong Team and hired Miss Sipei Chen as Chief Leader.
Founded Youshen Farm under the instruction of the Chairman of Youshen Golf Driving Range Mr. Zhichen Wang.
Hsinzher Zhou was hired as a leader of Youshen and Mr. Jiwei Cheng as an activity planner.
Operated the overnight camp under the assistance of Mr. Chunghsin Hsieh the owner of a famous homestay.
Provided by Mr. Changjong Yin the Chairman of Leirang Company with imported paintball equipment and site layout.
Reorganized TamKang Farm and hired Mr. Chinchi Chen as the site supervisor of TamKang Farm.
Scheduled to visit some famous business groups and enterprises. 
Visited Mr. Zuler Lee, Professor of Anshan University Korea (he was JC General Chairman of Jinjidao) and mutual visit afterwards.
Assisted by Mr. HsiangKuai Chiu the Chairman of Hongyang Sport Company Ltd. to utilize modern water control technology. Invested billions of NT dollars to rebuild filter system of swimming pool of the Farm.
Hired Mr. Mingjie Jiang as the chief coach of lifeguard and the swimming pool.
Combined camps on the market to upgrade the quality of service and diversity.
Upgraded the exiting leisure horse-riding to equestrian study.
Hired Mr. Junkai Huang as the coach of equestrian.
Hired Mr. Jingqing Gao, the National A-level Equestrian Coach, as the Chief Coach. 
Imported race horses from Europe. 
Exchanged and partnered with ESJ. Mr. Yunjianiping, the Principal of ESJ promised to arrange periodical training for Taiwanese participants in Japan.
Promoted Mr. Chinchi Chen to the position of CEO of Yousheng Farm.
Promoted Hsinzher Zhou to the position of Manager, Tamkang Farm.
Hired Philip Ma as the Vice President of Merica Education Service.
Hired Mr. Chungyu lin as Manager of Merica Education Service.
Authorized by European and American well-known universities.
Connected with schools in Singapore and mainland China.


a diversity-operated pioneer of camping

BeiHai Camp, a diversity-operated pioneer of camping, is located in the AETNA TOWER in Tamsui. This is an indicative building where the think tank of Taiwan Economic and Trade locates as well as the office of Former President Mr. DengHui Lee. Most advanced enterprises and the elites cluster here.

Based on the experience of 15 years of extracurricular teaching and 10 years of camping management, the founder of BeiHai~ Mr. Steel Chongyuan Lin~ leads and promotes the outdoor activities for kids and teenagers. Adhering to the purpose of thinking for customers, we always put forward various diversified business perspectives to meet the needs of the clients and also received enthusiastic response. 

Our Vision & Activities 

The vision of BeiHai Camp: Local Management and Internationally Reputation. We add the overseas study groups besides the domestic ones. This is to increase the clients' access to foreign students and different cultures as well as to develop a broad mind that is inclusive and harmonious, optimistic and enterprising, and establish an international outlook.
Currently, our professional team members participate in international related groups and cooperate with the well-known universities.

Partnered with Equestrian School Japan (ESJ) in 2017.
Authorized by European and American well-known universities as of 2018.
Connected with schools in Singapore and mainland China in 2018.

Outdoor Leisure and Professional Coach

In 2006, the professional teams of YouSheng Farm joined YouSheng Golf Driving Range by focusing on outdoor activities including paintball, barbecue, rock climbing, equestrian, golf and small animal area, and by providing outdoor quality off-campus teaching and corporate activities and family gathering. 

To improve equestrian activities, the national A-level equestrian coach Mr. JingQing Gao was hired to instruct equestrian training full time since 2017. We imported horses from Europe to upgrade the equestrian class from leisure to professional courses.

We started to participate in various competitions actively and had won gold medals and excellent rankings in the National Points, the ChungCheng Cup Equestrian Championship, and the National Championship for Sr. High School Students.
Visited and allied with ESJ (Equitation School Japan) in November, 2017. The principal of ESJ Mr. Young Jianiping led a delegation to visit us and promised to give the contestants periodical training in ESJ to upgrade YouSheng to connect synchronously with the advanced countries.
The current camps include Leadership, Equestrian, Field and Golf are more than popular with the attendants.



TamKang Farm located in the most popular tourist destination in northern Taiwan~ Tamsui, was founded in 1988. Located in the valley behind TamKang University, surrounded by green mountains and rivers, this is a diverse farm that combines mineral springs, barbecues and activities. The Farm is famous for its six natural mineral swimming pools with cold springs 22℃, ranked "Top 2" in East Asia. Also, it is rich in ecology, like a natural classroom in a natural forest.
The Farm is vast and all kinds of festivals and activities are held throughout the year. By providing families, schools and companies to hold various banquet events, and arrange the entire venue layout, meals and other services intimately, you don't have to worry about any problems during the activities. This makes you enjoy your exclusive activity!

Innovation & Learning

To focus on the future development trend, we invested billions of NT to rebuild the farm in 2013. From pavements to pool redevelopment and waterside design, we looked at every aspect from the perspectives of our clients and tried to achieve our best.

In the broad farm, we provide schools and institutions with lifeguard training classes to promote water safety education every year in addition to the various diversified activities.

Education is an expensive investment, but the cost of not educating is higher. For a long time, the level of education is mostly directly proportional to personal social achievements and economic income. And with the popularity of education and the instability of occupation, everyone's survival competition is much more intensive than before. Old knowledge and old experience are worthless in the new era.

Enterprise must move toward a learning organization and individuals must constantly learn and constantly improve themselves so as to the meet the rapid changing era. It is difficult for anyone to rely on formal 12 or 16 years’ education to obtain the job skills they need for a lifetime. The industry's life cycle is 10 years while the half-period of professional knowledge is only 3~5 years. In the era of knowledge economy, "people with real wages higher than they did 25 years ago possess master's degree or above". 

All of our working partners have abundant adult education and experience. And most of them returned to school after many years schooling. Therefore, it is more suitable for our partners to plan a lifetime study for the adult and oversea study for the young students. Our business offers a wide range of study including study tour, professional certificates, specific courses and other on-job degree programs or credit and certificate programs. We are able to provide any individual or group with professional, perfect and friendly plan of foreign education via flexible and comprehensive courses.

Academic Study / Study Tour 

Conditional Acceptance (ESL+ Bachelor / Master Admission guaranteed)
Traditional and Elite University application (Yale / Duke / UCLA / NYU / MIT...... Bachelor / Master / Ph.D.)
Ind. / Boarding Schools of USA, Canada and Austria
1+1 Master Degree Pathway / Bridge Program for Junior College graduates
Various Professional Certificate Programs at UC Berkeley / UCLA / USC / NYU
on the following subjects: Piano Performance / Leadership / Interior Design / Hotel Management / Beauty Posture and Manners.....
Overseas Language Study of English / Spanish / French / German / Japanese / Korean in USA / England / Spain / France / Germany / Japan / Korea








Philip Ma, Vice President 

MBA / DBA (pending), CUSC, CA, USA
More than 20 years' experience in oversea study field. Helped thousands of clients study abroad. Partner with hundreds of foreign universities in recruitment. Successfully applied for applicant without TOEFL scores admitted to Ph. D program at UCLA. Organized the study tour program at UCSD for the students of Air Force Academy that is the first group of Military Academy students in Taiwan to study English abroad.

Balin Lin, Manager

Master of Public Policy, Tamkang University, Taiwan
Sr. Operational Risk Manager
External Lecturer, Kaohsiung Pingtong Penghu and Taidong 
Branch of the Ministry of Labor

Charming Tsai, Manageri

Bachelor of International Trade, Tamkang University, Taiwan
CEO, Tienyun Educational Service~15 years in cram 
schools and field of foreign study

Tom Tang, Manager

Master of Management, Cambridge College, Boston, USA
EMBA advisor, Dean, Sales Manager, Assistant Professor 
at Dongbei Finance and Economics University, CHINA

Stanley Tsai, Consultant

Master of Administration of Metropolitan State U., MN, USA
Lecturer, Chung Yuan University / Yenchi University / 
Sightseeing-English Lecturer, Taoyuan County Government

Mikko Lin, Consultant

DBA, Southwest University, CA, USA
Consultant, Consulting Association of Business Administration
CEO and EMBA tutor, Extension of Chingyun College

Emma Hsu, Consultant

BA English, Fuzhou University, CHINA
MA TESOL, Arkansas State University, AR, USA

CICI Lee, Consultant

MA English, Fujian Normal University, CHINA

Eric Tseng, Consultant

Bachelor of Law, Xiamen University, CHINA
American Consultants
Mrs. Lynne Kuo
Dr. Gary R. Bartholomew
Mr. Keith Bernhardt
Mr. Dustin Moore
Mr. John Wilson
(Owner, Oak Education Institute USA)
(Owner, ESLI USA)
(Ph. D., Jesuit School of Theological at Berkeley USA)
(MA TESOL, University of British Columbia, Canada)